Neptune François (Vol. 1)

Pieter Mortier
Paris, 1693
Catalog record
18” w x 25 1/4” h
4 single sheets of text, 28 double maps and 1 folded map
Mortier was the son of a French political refugee who lived and worked in Amsterdam and is regarded as the most important reformer in Dutch atlas making after Nicholaes Visscher. These volumes add a French perspective on nautical mapping to the Leventhal Map Center collection to balance the view presented in British atlases. The title pages are elaborate while the maps themselves are very scientific in their presentation and represent the current thinking available at the end of the 17th century. These volumes coincide with and reflect the beginning of the French interest in the Enlightenment. Mortier brought a French style to his work in the Netherlands. This atlas is arguably the most beautiful maritime atlas published in Amsterdam in the 17th century.
This is an important addition to the Leventhal Map Center Maritime Charts and Atlases Collection of Distinction.

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