Die gantze Welt in ein Kleberblat

Author: Bünting, Heinrich
Date: 1581
Location: Jerusalem, World

Dimensions: 27.0 x 37.0 cm.
Scale: Scale not given


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Published in ''Itinerarium Sacrae Scriptura ...'' (Magdeburg, 1581).

Depicting the world as a cloverleaf, this cartographic curiosity reflects the traditional Medieval world view of three continents. Since it was published in the late-16th century long after the New World discoveries had gained wide acceptance, its primary appeal would have been to readers who cherished the past.

It was one of several whimsical diagrams included in a book, which was essentially the Bible rewritten as an illustrated travel book. The author, a professor of theology in Hannover, used the trefoil or cloverleaf arms of his native city to represent the world, making this map more a statement of civic pride than a serious attempt at cartography.

Each of the three leaves represents one of the continents -- Asia, Europe, and Africa. At the intersection of the leaves, Jerusalem is clearly marked. In recognition of the New World discoveries, America is shown almost as an afterthought in the lower left hand corner.

The physical item is not available at the Boston Public Library.

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