Publication: Journeys of the Imagination

April 2006
ISBN 0-89073-129-2.115
pp., 78 color illus. $35.00

Journeys of the Imagination: An Exhibition of World Maps and Atlases from the Collections of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library, April 2006 through August 2006

By: Ronald E. Grim and Roni Pick

Journeys of the Imagination is an exhibition designed to explore the various ways that mapmakers from the 15th century until today have created and translated their real and imagined world views. They recorded these diverse and ever changing images on various media including paper, globes, and computer screens.

Their efforts allow us an opportunity to understand how cartographers were able to integrate the information that was well known, unknown, and still imbedded in their own imaginations.

The maps in this exhibition catalog depict the excitement of discovery and scientific investigation, the artwork, and the social, historical
and cultural influences that informed the creation of these documents. These maps are examined, not just as geographic records of the world at a particular time, but as documents that have stories to tell, both about how and why the maps were created, and what they have to say about a particular cultures world view.

By skillfully integrating the four basic map elements of projection, orientation, scale, and symbols, mapmakers have been able to convey a variety of cartographic information to the public. This exhibition catalog explores the biases that inform cartographers preferences as they express their world views. This captivating selection of fifty maps judiciously samples the fascinating record of civilization in the context of its history, geography, politics, and religion.

The exhibition catalog provides full-page color illustrations of the maps displayed in the exhibition, as well as extended captions discussing the significance of the respective images. In addition, three scholarly essays, by Ronald E. Grim, Wesley A. Brown, and Susan Schulten highlight various aspects of the exhibition.

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