Publication: Boston and Beyond (essays)

April 2008
37 pp., color illus.

Boston and Beyond: A Bird's Eye View of New England

By: Debra Block, Ronald E. Grim, and Alex Krieger.

Essays. In the essays written to accompany the gallery exhibit, three scholars enrich our understanding of these unique bird's eye view maps and the 19th century historical milieu that produced them.

Ronald E. Grim, Ph.D., Curator of Maps at the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library, explores the unusual motives and perspectives for this kind of map-making in "Which Way North?"

In "As Though in Flight," Alex Krieger, FAIA, Professor in Practice, GSD, Harvard University, places the bird's eye views of this exhibit in a fascinating historical context stretching from centuries of imagined aerial views to the realities of today's Google Earth.

Debra Block, Ph.D., Director of Education at the Map Center, examines the implications of the signs of rapid urbanization and industrialization in the American 19th century landscape depicted in these bird's eye views in "Time Shifts: A Changing America, 1850 - 1900."

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